Our Objective

Our Objective

The main objective of the NBMA is to ensure adequate level of protection in the field of safe transfer, handling and use of genetically modified organisms resulting from modern biotechnology that may have adverse impacts on conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity taking into account risks to human health.

i. Ensure that Nigeria becomes self-reliant in the development and application of biotechnology-based products and services.

ii. Ensure that Nigerians have access to and benefit from safe, ethical and profitable uses of biotechnology-based products and services;

iii. Ensure that biotechnology is profitably applied to government’s stewardship such as assurance of high quality health services, food security, environmental protection and safety.

iv. Promote sustenance in the development and application of acceptable and profitable technologies through strategic investments in biotech R & D to support innovation and economic development.

v. Ensure global competitiveness and the export of products of the Nigerian biotechnology industry;

vi. Establish and maintain profitable national and international collaborative relationships between government and all other stakeholders and interest group on matters relating to the prospects of the biotechnology industry.

vii. Develop suitable mechanisms and activities to support the emergence of biotechnology enterprises for the commercialization of biotechnology products; so as to ensure a sustainable food security, job and wealth creation, efficient and cheap healthcare delivery as well as safe environment.

viii. Develop appropriate legislations, compatible with international regulations, so as to ensure biosafety, in line with social and ethical considerations and to protect intellectual, industrial property and farmers rights

ix. Maintain sustainable exploitation of bioresources for our food & agriculture, health care delivery and industrial utilization.

x. Ensure sustainable mechanism for adequate funding of biotechnology activities through national and international funding agencies.

xi. Evolve a centralized coordination of the development of biotechnology to prevent unnecessary duplication and wastages as well as ensure attainment of national objectives.