Human Resources Management

The Functions of this Department include:

i. Compiling and updating of the Agency’s nominal rolls;

ii. Processing of promotion matters as they affect pooled staff;

iii. Handling the promotion of both junior and senior non-pooled officers;

iv. Processing, upgrading/conversion and advancement of officers who acquired relevant additional qualifications to the appropriate posts;

v. Handling disciplinary matters as they affect erring staff;

vi. Handling the constitution of the membership of both the Junior and Senior Staff Committees;

vii. Documenting newly posted staff into the Ministry;

viii. Maintaining staff records;

ix. Processing regularization of appointment of staff;

x. Deploying staff within the Ministry;

xi. Recruiting junior officers;

xii. Issuing circulars/office notices/instructions as may be directed;

xiii. Handling appeals and petitions by aggrieved staff;

xiv. Preparing yearly Manpower Budget for the Ministry;

xv. Identifying staff training needs of the various departments;

xvi. Preparing annual training schedules for consideration;

xvii. Compiling staff list for in-service training at the Federal Training Centres (FTCs) and other training institutions;

xviii. Processing and obtaining approvals for in-service training;

xix. Handling transport matters;

xx. Processing and issuing of staff ID cards;

xxi. Processing all leave matters for staff;

xxii. Allocating office accommodation;

xxiii. Processing pension/gratuity entitlement of staff;

xxiv. Coordinating staff unions and cooperative society matters;

xxv. In charge of all sporting activities;

xxvi. Office maintenance;

xxvii. Processing staff allowances, e.g., first 28 days in lieu of hotel accommodation, transfer allowances, etc;

xxviii. Stores administration.