Environmental Biosafety and Commercial Release

The Functions of this Department include:

a) Commercial/General release;

b) Biosafety Risk Assessment and Management of Commercial/General release;

c) Receipt and processing of application of Genetically Modified Organisms for Commercial and Open release;

d) Records of all approvals and unapproved applications for commercial and open releases;

e) General Environmental Safety;

f) develop measures, requirements and criteria for risk evaluation, peer review and decision-making;

g) develop measures and requirements for risk assessment and environmental impact assessment;

h) develop risk management plan and strategy for protecting biological diversity and the environment from potential risks associated with genetically modified organisms;

i) Monitoring of the environment to determine the effects of genetically modified organisms regulated by the Biosafety Act;

j) Liability and Redress;

k) Carry out such other duties as may be necessary for the full discharge of the functions of the National Biosafety Management Agency under the Act.