Benefits of the Agency to the Nation


i. Assurance of adequately regulated modern biotechnology activities for the safety of human health and the environment in the use of genetically modified organisms;

ii. Provision of an enabling environment for indigenous and foreign scientists to practice modern biotechnology safely under a robust legal framework;

iii. Assurance of adequately regulated use of modern biotechnology for:

a. Improvement and increased productivity in the agricultural sector that would lead to improved socioeconomic status of Nigerian farmers and enhanced national economic prosperity;

b. Foreign investments and earnings from safe modern biotechnology sector;

c. Environmental sustainability;

d. Jobs/wealth creation arising from various modern biotechnology activities;

e. Availability of raw materials for industrial growth, particularly in the Nigerian textile sector;

f. Development of plants/organisms that can reduce the impact of climate change and serve in pollution remediation;

g. Improvement of the medical sector using various plants that abound in the country.